Friends, you can do anything, I seriously tell you this. You only need to learn about how you can achieve something by analyzing your personality and understanding your current capabilities. Find out more here. You are no worse than other people, even the most successful and advanced of them, who have made great strides in their lives. They are molded from the same, from which you too, but they do not want to think badly of themselves and do not doubt their capabilities, because they understand that they do not need it, it is not profitable for them. Find out more information here. Anything that holds you back and limits you is a virus that is embedded in your head that affects your psychological state in a negative way and forces you to be passive. Find out more here. This virus is the reaction of the outside world to you and your dependence on this reaction, as well as your laziness, which does not allow you to prove to yourself that you are capable of much. Find out more information here. The outside world, by and large, does not care about you, it lives its own life, it has all kinds of people in it, both confident and uncertain, and those to whom you can be interesting and pleasant, and those to whom you for one reason or another are not like.

Find out more here. Forget about it. Do not let the outside world judge you, do not let it invade your inner world, build it yourself, build it as you need it. Find out more here. If you want to be confident in yourself, be it, be it in your inner world, and then the outside world will accept you as you will present yourself to it. Click here to learn more. Remember, while other people act, achieve success and fail, you are inactive, and your inaction, your passivity, destroys you as a person. Find out more information here. You are afraid, but at the same time feed your inaction by your fear, becoming even more insecure in yourself a person. Click here to learn more. And you need to take and do, do all that you can do, in which you can succeed, so that you can learn about your abilities and prove to yourself first and then to others your importance. Find out more information here. But you do not count on quick successes in various things that seem easy to you. At once, without special preparation, you, of course, will not be able to succeed in anything. Find out more here. Moreover, in any business mistakes and failures are inevitable, which you simply can not prevent, having decided to achieve something. Click here to learn more. The question is how insistently you will be, not looking at mistakes and failures – not to lose faith in yourself, and speaking more precisely, everything will depend on how wise you will be in order to accept any mistakes and failures like yourself and to squeeze out of them a maximum of advantage for themselves. Find out more information here. Do not lose heart, because of unjustified expectations, develop resistance to failure. How? Just get used to them. Get used to the fact that by starting to do something, you will first encounter problems, with a lot of problems, and only after you solve these problems – success in the form of a reward will be provided to you. Find out more information here. This is your perseverance, which will help you achieve success in various matters, it will necessarily make you more confident in yourself.

Click here to learn more. You will understand when you persist in striving for something, that not confidence leads to success, and success makes a person confident when he, blood from the nose, but does what he has planned. Find out more information here. Always and in everything there are first steps, and also a sequence of steps that will be feasible for you and which will lead you to your first victories. They will allow you to feel your power, because after taking one step, you will understand that you can make both the second and the third, and then you realize that any road will be mastered by the going. Find out more here. Friends, if you yourself are not able to determine these steps, this task is not easy for some people – ask me for help, we will define them together. Remember the main thing – you do not have to believe in yourself, you need to understand yourself. Click here to learn more. And for this you need to study yourself, and not only with the help of introspection, but also with the help of certain cases that you will do regardless of any fear and doubt, and look at what you are getting and what does not work and why does not work, if it does not work out. Find out more information here. You have no objective grounds to feel insecure, once again I draw your attention to this, dear readers. And all your subjective ideas about yourself, if they somehow prevent you from living and make you insecure in yourself, you can study in detail with the help of introspection or with the help of a psychologist. Find out more information here. We psychologists do not eat our bread in vain. And if suddenly someone has told you that you are something worse than other people, then we will convince you of the opposite, we will convince you that you are the best person on earth, that you are the best. Find out more here. This is a more correct installation, more promising. Well, that friends, confidence and self-confidence are not far from each other. Find out more information here. And if you doubt that being an arrogant person is good, pay attention to successful people, although they are realists, but they themselves are presented to society as if they are not people, but gods. Click here to learn more. Lower your self-esteem and suppress your self-confidence, those who are willing to always be found, and much less in this world of such people who can instill in you the belief in yourself. Find out more here. Of course, you should consider yourself adequately, but in some cases, excessive belief in your abilities will not hurt you, people always did the impossible only when they allowed the possibility of the existence of the impossible. Find out more information here. You know, that I still want to tell you friends, about self-confidence. Our life is too short for us to spend it on such trifles as uncertainty, doubt and fear. Click here to learn more.

I do not know if this life is the only or not our only one, no one, in fact, can prove to us any of the hypotheses about this. Find out more here. But one thing I can tell you for sure is that this segment of life, which we measured with you, we should spend on something more significant than some kind of uncertainty. Click here to learn more. Maybe skydiving, at eighty years old, you do not need anything, but here’s to try yourself in more sensible things, it certainly should. Click here to learn more. To hell with uncertainty, you do not need it, start acting right now, start doing things that you never did, that you did not dare to do because of stupid fear and confused uncertainty, and then she, confidence, will come to you. Find out more here. What will come there, it was always with you, because it is inside you, you need only to awaken it in yourself, so that it helps you feel your power and realize the vastness of your possibilities. Click here to learn more.